B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)



Course duration:

Three Years (Six Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria:

(10+2) from any recognized School / College / Board.

Subjects: B.A. First Year:
  1. Compulsory language : English
  2. Second Language: Marathi/ Hindi/Add. English/Pali
  3.   Select Any one group of optional given below

  1  English Psychology Political Science
  2  English  Geography  Political Science
  3  English  Psychology  Economics
  4  English  Geography History
  5  English  Political Science History
  6  English  Political Science Economics
  7  English  Sociology History
  8  Hindi  Political Science History
  9  Hindi  Dramatics Sociology
 10  Hindi  Psychology Political Science
 11  Hindi  Geography Sociology
12  Hindi Home Science Sociology
13  Hindi Political Science Economics
14  Hindi  Sociology History
15  Hindi Psychology Sociology
16  Hindi Home Science Economics
17 Hindi  Geography History
18  Marathi  Political Science History
19 Marathi  Dramatics Political Science
20 Marathi  Dramatics Sociology
21 Marathi  Dramatics History
22 Marathi  Geography Sociology
23 Marathi  Home Science Sociology
24 Marathi  Psychology History
25 Marathi Psychology Sociology
26 Marathi Sociology History
27 Marathi Sociology Economics
28 Pali Dramatics Political Science
29 Pali  Dramatics History
30 Pali  Home Science Political Science
31 Pali Geography History
32 Psychology Political Science Economics
33 Psychology Political Science History
34 Psychology Sociology Economics
35 Psychology Sociology History
36 Geography Political Science History
37 Geography Political Science Economics
38 Geography Sociology History
39 Geography Sociology Economics
40 Home Science Political Science History
41 Home Science Sociology History
42 Home Science Political Science Economics
43 Home Science Sociology Economics
44 Music Political Science History
45 Music Sociology History
46 Music Political Science Economics

B.A. Second Year:
  1. Compulsory language : English
  2. Second Language: Marathi/ Hindi/ Pali/ Add. English
  3. Compulsory Environmental Studies : (Students opting Environmental Science optional are exempted)
  4. Optional group selected in First Year
B.A. Third Year:
  1. Group of optional selected in First year.
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